The Horrible History of the H Certificate

In this podcast series we look at the history of the H Certificate, an era in British film history - from 1933 to 1951 - when films could be certificated by the BBFC as H for Horrific! In these shows we will uncover the history of film censorship in the UK, the formation of the British Board of Film Censors, and the rise and fall of the H certificate.

PART I - First Cuts
We begin tracing the history of the infamous H Certificate issued by the British Board of Film Censors - H for Horrific! In this opening chapter, we look at the birth of movie censorship and uncover the often surprising things that caused controversy in the the early days of film!

PART II - Talkie Terrors
In this episode we delve into film censorship in the 1930s, look at the controversies over the new horror talkies, discover why some films were banned, and chart the development of the H certificate!

PART III - From H to X
In this final chapter, we look at the heyday of the H certificate, see which movies got the dreaded H, chart the fortunes of horror movies during World War II, and discover how and why the H was replaced with the X certificate in 1951.

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