Murder in Lower Quinton

In 1945, a sleepy village in the heart of England was shocked by the violent murder of an elderly man, Charles Walton. Despite a hig profile and extensive investigation, his killer was never caught. Many theoreis have been advanced over the years and rumours persist that witchcraft played a part in his death...

Murder in Lower Quinton Part I
In the first episode in an epic three part investigation, Mr Jim Moon uncovers the facts in the case of the murder of Charles Walton - an unsolved crime that rumours of witchcraft, toads, and ancient cults have grown up around.

Murder in Lower Quinton Part II
In the second part of our investigation into the Lower Quinton witchcraft murder, we unravel an occult history of magic in Britain, exploring Satanism in the press, and how the story has been presented and misrepresented over the years. We strip away the layers of myths, mistakes and misconceptions that have grown up around the Walton case, and discover how this notorious unsolved crime has shaped popular culture.

Murder in Lower Quinton Part III
In the third and final part of our investigation into the Lower Quinton murder, we attempt to get to the truth of the witchcraft angle of the case, take a close look at the suspects, and attempt to discover who was most likely to have committed this infamous murder.

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