Scarred For Life

A look at the epic book series that explores the dark side of pop culture, documenting the nightmare fuel we grew up with! In these mighty tomes we have televisual terrors, creepy comics, ghoulish games, abominable adverts, and even scary snacks!

And you can get these tomes in original dead tree format or ebook here -

Volume One - the 1970s
Volume Two - Television in the 1980s

Do you remember the 1970s? Strange decade wasn't it? Post apocalyptic dramas, weird crime fighters, spooky SF shows, and some genuinely terrifying ghost stories... And that was just the children's television! Come take a trip back to that very disturbing decade where terror and horror lurked everywhere from TV to comics....

In this episode we look at a sequel to one of my favourite nonfiction volumes of recent years. Yes, Scarred For Life Volume Two - Television in the 1980s is here - a tour through the dark side of '80s telly!

There is also a musical arm to this project, with albums collecting assorted tunes inspired the world of Scarred For Life.
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