- Let's Kill Hitler

Let's Kill Hitler

Scanners indicate an absence of spoilers

So then the long wait is over! The summer break wasn't so bad was it? Positively flew by didn't it, well apart from the millennia waiting for something to happen in bloody Torchwood of course... But that's not important right now, as the Doctor's back!

And that's not all, head honcho Steven Moffat is back on script duties for this outing... And once again, I'm in the position of loving him as a viewer and absolutely hating the tricksy git for delivering another episode that is a bloomin' tall order to review without giving any of the many surprises away.

So I'll pop a Metebellis 3 crystal on my bonce and attempt to answer the burning questions in your mind!

And away we go...

Question 1 - Is this a series opener style kind of thing? Well, Let's Kill Hitler certainly gets the second half of the season off with a bang. But it is also very much the eight episode, picking the plot lines left dangling in a juicy fashion at the end of the first half.

Question 2 - Isn't there anything you can tell us without spoilers? Oh alright - there's time travel shennigans, a crashing TARDIS, robots and Nazis. Do you honestly need to know anymore?

Question 3 - Yes, you fool - is it any good? Well, yes it is! It's Moffat in full bouncing along in Tigger mode, serving up a rather delightful cocktail of thrill, human and stupidly fun concepts. It's the perfect counterbalance to the dark and spooky two parter he served up to kick this series off. Nearly perfect, possibly a little too bouncy for its own good in places but you'll have to wait for the Spoilers Sweetie review for the minor quibbling...

Question 4 - Alright, we don't except any details but are there any answers forthcoming? Yes, there bloomin' well are. Some long standing questions are answered - there is timey wimey stuff going on but this time we're at the joining-the-dots end of the curve. There are quite a few biggies answered and some more fannish queries clarified. In shorts lots of thread tying together nicely... Of course this being a Moffat story there's new questions arising but in raising them they are taking us closer the plot rather than just further clouding the issue.

Question 5 - Is there a cool Rory moment? Yes, there is. Several in fact, Rory has become a very solid character over this series and this opening story see him finding the perfect balance between this tough action side and his comedy chops. Listen out for his homage to Tommy Cooper!

Question 6 - Is Karen Gillan in a short skirt? Yes, now stop that, it's bad for your eyesight...

Question 7 - Matt Smith on form? Of course he is! Although at times he seems to dangerously close to the gurning territory of Pertwee and McCoy - which you'll either find funny or a bit annoying. But in the main, he the Eleventh Doc you know and love, landing the cool and comic lines to perfection and sporting some natty new outfit!

Question 8 - Is this in any way connected to last season's World War Two set story? Nope, sorry Dalek fans. Though there might be a subtle link.. .I'll get back to you on that one after I've watched it again.

Question 9 - How does the review of next week's episode look? Bloody scary! Wear two pairs of pants for that one I reckon...

Question 10 - Can you sum the episode up in, oooh let's say three words? Bonkers, bold and brill!

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JIM MOON, 27th August 2011