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At the age of 3, the young Moon expressed the desire to pursue a career in refuse collection; reasoning with remarkable clarity for his tender years that he could dodge attending school as "dustbin men don't need to be able to read and write". However he later recanted this early opinion and now, somewhat ironically, dwells in a house so full of books that physicists are rumoured to be interested in monitoring the resultant warps in the local space-time continuum.

Poet. Scholar. Photographer. Blue Peter badge holder. When not labouring over his latest piece of verse or delving into esoteric lore, he can often be found wandering the countryside with his trusty camera. At least, that's what he claims he's doing when not propping up the bar at the Moon and Parrot. He is currently working on what he claims will be "an epic verse saga that will knock Eliot's The Waste Land into a cocked hat", though it has been alleged that he's really working on an account of the trials and tribulations of being a test pilot for draught bitter.


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