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Blogger We have a blog which you can find at - THE MOON LENS

Written by Mr Jim Moon, here you'll find site announcements but mainly reviews and ramblings on the various media Jim has consumed while he should have been working...

TumblrNot to be outdone, Mr Tom Greenslade has a tumblelog which lurks here - THE DREAMS OF MR GREENSLADE

And what in Cliff's name is a tumblelog? Well Tumblr is a blog site where as well as the the usual scribbling, you can post links to pictures, web pages, quotes, music or video you find online with a simple click of a button. It's really fun and a great way to share all the groovy things you stumble upon while traversing the net without having to spam all your mates via email.

Also you can follow other tumblelogs - any fresh posts are displayed on your own Tumblr dashboard page so you don't need to bookmark each and every tumblelog you enjoy.

Go on check it out, you'll like it! Honest!

FacebookYes, we are on bloody Facebook! We are have our own page now - so come on over and pester us!

We've also made an app - HYPNOGORIA CARDS! - start clogging up your friends' REQUESTS boxes today!

TwitterWe have now started tweeting! Find us on Twitter here. Follow us and watch us find new ways to waste time constructively!


TwitterWe also have a Formspring page now! Ask us any random questions you like here!