By Mr Jim Moon

It was late one night, and myself and a poet of my accquaintance were discussing William Blake. After a few too many bottles of cheap red wine, we somehow came up the idea of doing an illustrated collection of poems in the vein of Songs Of Innocence & Experience but with, what we then thought was a brilliant and original twist, as a series of web pages.

Needless to say, come the morning and reviewing the scheme in the cold light of severe hang-overs, the idea somehow did not seem quite as groundbreaking as the Merlot had led us to believe... However the idea refused to die and lie quietly in the drawer marked 'Stupid Drunken Ideas' alongside other aborted schemes, such as buying our own pub, starting a resturant called 'Swill', and kayaking down the Amazon in barrels.

Initially the plan was to illustrate a series of haiku, which were penned either "on particularly dark nights lost in the woods of delirium" my poet friend claims, or "while as inspired as the newt" as I'd put it. But then, after a good deal more wine, inspiration struck again and we realised there was a story to tell. So taking a cue from the multi-layered references of TS Eliot's The Wasteland and splicing it with the Burroughs/Gysin cut-up technique, we began adding further pages... And so HYPNOGORIA was born.

Here's how it works - every poem page hides a hidden link which will take you into into the subtext level. Here you will find pages that contain the various influences on the writing of that particular verse. And pages in this level also contain further concealed links which will take you to deeper layers.

Some pages hide things that may be only revealed by rolling the mouse over them - for example some poem pages appear to be missing their verses. Other pages contain links that will take you to a random location in the site. And some pages may change if you revist them.

HYPNOGORIA is an unfolding text, part story, part miscellany, and part online art installtion. It's also an ongoing project. New pages and layers are being added regularly. We hope you'll enjoy exploring our little world of vison, verse and lore.

Needless to say, neither the verses or the graphics are in the same league as Mr Blake's, but hopefully visitors may find something of merit witihin.



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