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18th April 2011 - It's abeen a busy few months, we now have a podcast HYPNOBOBS and a Formspring page so you all can ask us impertinent questions!

10th November 2010 - Yes, yes, yes, we know we've been forgetting to update this page! The site has been slowly getting a redesign which a combination of creative bickering and real life muppetry has slowed to a crawl! But hopefully there should be some changes and new stuff very soon!

30th October 2010 - Mr Jim Moon has started up a podcast - find here !!!

9th September 2010 - Mr Jim Moon has has been interviewed by GeekPlanetOnline - find it here

20th January 2010 - Since The Rattle has closed it's doors, all the reviews Jim wrote for them have now been properly archived in The Library.

20th October 2009 - Blimey, we've not updated this page in a while! So what's new? Jim's past reviews are now fully archived and new ones being added on a regular basis. And there a batch of new pages in the works which hopefully should see the light of day as soon as life stops being quite so mental!

21 June 2009 - We've extended The Library! We're gradually archiving all of Jim Moon's reviews from The Moon Lens blog. New reviews will still be appearing there first, before finding a permanent home here in the dream world. Jim's also threatening, at some unspecified point, to revise and expand some of his earlier critical efforts too!

3rd May 2009 - We've opened a new section The Library where you will find the various short stories dotted through the site and any other scribblings we feel like posting :)

3rd March 2009 - We're about halfway through revamping a whole bunch of pages and slipping in some new ones along the way. Watch out for Phantasos in all his many forms...

9th February 2009 - We're now on Twitter! If it's good enough for Stephen Fry, it's good enough for us!

6th February 2009 - New pages creeping in again. Be aware you can click some of the papers to read all the text!

30th JANUARY 2009 - Announcing a new line of designs - the Sepia Selection! See shop for details.

27th JANUARY 2009 - We've created yet more products! You can now get your hands on Hypnogoria postcards, mugs and greetings cards. Visit the shops for further details!

12th JANUARY 2009 - Are you a Facebook addict? Well now there's a Hypnogoria app to play! Bother your friends with intriguing images from the site! Go to here and start clogging their REQUESTS boxes today! Oh and there's some new pages too!

4th JANUARY 2009 - We've launched a new line of designs - WOODWITCHES! Now you can have the illuminated poems on T-shirts and mousepads.

3rd JANUARY 2009 - Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

12th DECEMBER 2008 - New pages added. We are now only a couple of pages away from a new version number!

09th DECEMBER 2008 - There are now Hypnogoria mousepads! So if you fancy a Green Man under your mouse, check out the shops!

4th DECEMBER 2008 - We are now on Facebook and have started our own little group! Come on over and pester us! We can found at

3th DECEMBER 2008 - Yes we know, there's hasn't been any new pages in the last fortnight! So apologies all round. We've been very busy moving offices and installing some new kit. But now that's all finally done, new pages will be creeping in over the next few days!

24th NOVEMBER 2008 - Tom has started tumbling! And we don't mean his usual mode of locomotion after closing time! See the new BLOGS page for details...

18th NOVEMBER 2008 - We have a bit of a change around as now there's Zazzle UK! So the UK shop has moved there. Check it out - and remember at Zazzle you can put our designs on different garments of your choice! Plus now shipping to the EU is much cheaper from the UK branch!

16th NOVEMBER 2008 - A few more few pages added to "Strata III" of WOODWITCHES. Plus the 'Hypnogoria' gallery is now open with more T-shirts added to the shops!

5th NOVEMBER 2008 - New pages added to what we call "Strata III" of WOODWITCHES

21st OCTOBER 2008 - HYPNOGORIA offically opens its doors..

27th SEPTEMBER 2008 - The HYPNOGORIA US/worldwide shop is opened at Zazzle

22nd SEPTEMBER 2008 - The HYPNOGORIA UK store is opened at Creative Craving

22nd AUGUST 2008 - Jim starts off the HYPNOGORIA blog in which he completely fails to talk about the development of the site, and sets about reviewing any old tat he feels like.

JUNE 2008 - Tom actually finishes sorting out some content for Jim to build with.

APRIL 2008 - Jim finally gets his head around this website building lark.

7th JUNE 2007 - the now infamous 'Merlot Incident'.