Welcome to the cosy fireside of the Great Library of Dreams! Come in! There's a seat waiting for you by the hearth...

Here you will find stories of the magical, the mysterious, the marvelous, and the macabre! We will have stories from master storytellers such as HG Wells, MR James, Edgar Allan Poe, and HP Lovecraft, and hopefully introduce you to new authors and stories you may not have encountered before. As well as short fiction, we will also present assorted weird verses and poems, and retell some old folk-tales and legends too.

The Stories
001 - Introduction
by Mr Jim Moon
002 - The Red Room
by HG Wells
003 - Rats
by MR James
004 - Seaton's Aunt
by Walter de la Mare
005 - The Open Window
by Saki
006 - Dreamland
by Edgar Allan Poe
007 - From Beyond
by HP Lovecraft
008 - Teacups
by Thom Burgess
009 - The Brass Murders
A True Story
010 - He?
by Guy de Maupassant
011 - Far Below
by Robert Barbour Johnson
012 - The Colour Out of Space
by HP Lovecraft
013 - The Moor Ghost
by Robert E Howard
014 - The Man Who Went Too Far
by EF Benson
015 - What The Scare-crow Said
by Vachel Lindsay
016 - The Night Wire
by HF Arnold
017 - Wailing Well
by MR James
018 - A Troublesome History
by Jim Moon
019 - The City in the Sea
by Edgar Allan Poe
020 - The Horror Under Penmire
by Adrian Cole
021 - The Sweeper
by AM Burrage
022 - Mother Carey
by John Masefield
023 - Silent Snow Secret Snow
by Conrad Aiken
024 - Passenger From Crewe
by Frederick Cowles
025 - Christmas Wine
by Matt Cowan
026 - Lost Hearts
by Jim Moon
027 - The Vale of Shadows
Translated by Sabine Baring-Gould
028 - Jack the Giant-Killer
As retold by Joseph Jacobs
029 - Annabel Lee
by Edgar Allan Poe
030 - The Story of the Spaniards, Hammersmith
by E Heron & H Heron
031 - Piper in the Woods
by Philip K Dick
032 - The Story of Medhans Lea
by E Heron & H Heron
033 - The Graveyard Rats
by Henry Kuttner
034 - The Story of Baelbrow
by E Heron & H Heron
035 - The Red Brain
by Donald Wandrei
036 - August Heat
by WF Harvey
037 - Sounds of the Wood
by MR James
038 - After Dark in the Playing Fields
by MR James
039 - A Night in King's College Chapel
by MR James
040 - Living Night
by MR James
041 - A Vignette
by MR James
042 - Room for One
by Frederick Cowles
043 - The Vow on Halloween
by Lyllian Huntley Harris
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