The Stoneground Ghost Tales

EG Swain was a friend of the great MR James and was inspired to pen his own ghostly tales. Drawing on his own experiences as a clergyman, the Stoneground Ghost Tales recount the various strange things and odd hauntings encountered by a rural vicar Mr Batchell. Where Swain's tales differ from his good friend's is that there is a gentle humour haunting his stories and you could comfortablely see the Stoneground stories as the bridge between MR James and PG Wodehouse.

01 - Bone to His Bone
Yuletide is almost here, and it's time to draw round the cosy fireside of the Great Library of Dreams for some ghost stories for Christmas. We begin this year with Mr Jim Moon narrating a tale by a friend and colleague of the great MR James, the Reverend EG Swain. And appropriately enough this festive little chiller is about a haunted library!

02 - The Man With a Roller
This week in the Great Library of Dreams, we are returning to the Stoneground Ghost Tales, written by EG Swain. In this story we hear of how Mr Batchell acquired a rather nice photograph of the vicarage at Stoneground... and what was discovered with the picture was enlarged.

03 - The Richpins
In this episode, we turn once again to the Stoneground Ghost Tales by EG Swain. In this little story, we learn of how Mr Batchell's rural parish is being haunted by a strange figure...

04 - The Eastern Window
Well December is here once again, and we begin this year's selection of festive chillers with a tale written by EG Swain. In this story, the long suffering vicar of Stoneground, Mr Batchell, discovers something strange about one of the parish church's windows...

05 - Lubrietta
Mr Jim Moon once again invites you to take a seat by the fireside to hear another of the marvellous Stoneground Ghost Tales by EG Swain. And as it happens, this particular eerie story has a pleasing fusion of humour and romance, just in time for Valentine's Day...

06 - The Rockery
We are delving once again into the Stoneground Ghost Tales by EG Swain to uncover a cautionary tale that may serve as a lesson for anyone foolish enough to be doing a bit of gardening this weekend...

07 - The Indian Lamp Shade
Mr Jim Moon takes us back to the sleepy parish of Stoneground, where EG Swain has another eerie tale to tell, one that occurred upon a cold and frosty January night...

08 - The Place of Safety
Welcome back to the cosy fireside of the Great Library of Dreams, where we'll hear another Stoneground Ghost Tale from EG Swain. Mr Batchell, the antiquarian clergyman once again finds the past does not always lie as quietly as it should in his parish when he makes an intriguing historical excavation in his garden...

09 - The Kirk Spook
In the first of our ghost stories for Christmas, Mr Jim Moon invites you to take seat by the fireside to hear the last of the Stoneground ghost tales by EG Swain, the story of The Kirk Spook!

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